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Festival de Animacion ran from April to May 2020. It started as an initiative to connect with my nieces, confined in Madrid during the Pandemic. Lucia and Jazmin made a tutorial for a basic stop motion app. And this was passed onto older members in the family. During long weeks stuck inside in Argentina, Spain, the US, France and UK we created animations and screened them live on WhatsApp on Saturdays for the extended family to see. The festival proposed a space of togetherness, and grew to dilute distance; rearrange established family roles, dynamics and age group hierarchies. Overall, we created 50 animations!

In order of appearance, from left to right:
"El Tutorial" by Jazmin Ivanissevich (8 years old) & Lucia McQingley (16 years old)

"El Megalodon" by Jazmin Ivanissevich & Lucia McQingley                           

"Forkie" by Jazmin Ivanissevich & Lucia McQingley   

"Squirrel" by Martin Jones

"El Arte de las Flores" by Andres Ivanissevich & Leila Ramirez 

"La Rosada" by Ivan Ivanissevich

"Zebra" by Kim Thomerson 

"La Trucha" by Eugenia Ivanissevich

"Recycle" by Luisita Dibenedetto (9 years old)

"Mi pelo Cambia de Color" by Pepisa, Isabel Walberg (9 years old) and her father Pepe Walberg

"Birdie" by Martin Jones

"Malditas Loras" by Ana Walberg

"Historias de Amor" by Leila Ramirez and Andres Ivanissevich

"Hacer Tortilla Espanola" by Margarita Zafrilla Olayo

"La Pampa" by Natalia Molinaro, Ewan Molinaro (3 years old) and Eugenia Ivanissevich

"Going to Work" by Luisita Dibenedetto

"Our Planet" by Leila Ramirez and Andres Ivanissevich

"Tomato Salat" by Ivan Ivanissevich & Ana Walberg

"Feed the Birds" by Martin Jones

"Festival Intro" by Eugenia Ivanissevich

"Cupido" by Rodrigo Canas

"Motoquera" by Delfina Canas (10 years old)

"Darle de comer a las vacas" by Ezequial Frias (9 years old)

"STUCK" by Chus 

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All work Copyright of Eugenia Ivanissevich & listed participants of Festival de Animacion, 2021.

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