TALKING TREES 2020-2022 This publication is a meeting space for works made by students in their first year of BA (Honours) Fine Art Studies at Arts University Bournemouth and students from Non-Formal Education at the Rawalpindi Centre for Street Children of the Pakistani NGO SPARC, Society for Protection of the Rights of the Child, Pakistan. It is a space for visual dialogues from page to page. Both groups of students spent time with trees in their locality: learning, observing, drawing, feeling, listening to trees. In building a relationship with local trees, we learned about their secret undergrowth, their lively inhabitants, we connected to their sense of time and so hopefully nurtured our sense of place.The publication is an endpoint to a year long journey of making, translation, exchange, and reflection and it is a point of arrival too: arrival at something tangible, made remotely yet together. Edition of 100 A printed copy of the publication is distributed to each participating student. SALES Minimum donation 15.00 GBP Originally funds were to be placed towards future art projects with SPARC, however, due to recent devasting floods in Pakistan, Talking Trees hopes to raise funds to aid SPARC students affected by the floods. Money made from sales will be given to SPARC to employ locally in support of those in need. For sale enquiries please contact Eugenia at with your name and address. Paypal payments accepted, please make payments to with reference: Talking Trees. red button with shopping cart Thank you!