Con Sol.Con Agua Con Sol.Con Agua Con Sol.Con Agua pajarito Con Sol.Con Agua

 CON SOL. CON AGUA (With Sun. With Water)
 A series of photographs and photograms, a  selection  of  which 
 is included in the folio publication by the same name.

 Four colour and two black and white photographs, inkjet printed 
 on Japanese Kozo paper (mulberry paper).
 Three large format folios, folded, unbound, with an insert text 
 in Spanish and English.
 Size of folded publication: 11.5 x 16.5 inches
 The three double spreads can be framed individually as pieces in 
 themselves or kept together as a folio publication. 

 Edition of 3 + 2AP, edition number is written on the publication 
 >>>> One edition left <<<<

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